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Looking to keep your home or business in impeccable condition without having to waste several hours every week between brooms and sponges? You must not hesitate to put the cleaning needs of your commercial or residential property in the hands of expert cleaners! At Professional Maid Cleaning Services, we can provide you with an excellent spectrum of home cleaning and related services for your property in Los Angeles, CA or any of the adjoining areas! Read on to know more.

Our Services

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning
Sick of the heavy dust and grime that have made your attic a scary space or do you need help with an emergency party cleanup? Our dependable deep cleaners can assist you! We can handle dirt of all kinds, no matter how problematic, in all the areas of your respective home or business without a problem!

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning
Even if you don't receive many visits at your office, and you believe dirt won't find its way to it, you can be sure that dust will eventually settle on your furniture, and trash will accumulate in your trashcan! Let our office cleaning specialists provide you with a welcoming and fresh working environment!

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning
The grease marks and fingerprints on your windows' glasses should not keep you from enjoying the outstanding view of your home or business premises. If you are not willing to climb a ladder to do tiresome window cleaning work, our trusted window cleaning specialists can handle it for you!

Floor Waxing

Floor Waxing
Even if you clean your floors regularly and are careful not to let any stain set on them, after months of being stepped on daily, they may lose some of their charm and brightness! Allow our floor waxing experts to bring their beauty back with careful and detailed addressing of all their waxing needs!

House Disinfecting and Cleaning

House Disinfecting and Cleaning
If dirt refuses to leave your house, no matter how hard you sweep every day, you may need some expert assistance! Our professional team can do excellent cleaning work on every area of your house and use home disinfecting techniques to eliminate even the smallest of harmful organisms!

Why Trust Expert Cleaners

Using expert cleaning services is the most effective and fastest way of getting rid of dirt in your commercial or residential property without sacrificing any of your valuable free time. Plus, it is also the most optimal way to enjoy hygienic spaces where no harmful microorganisms or allergens will put your health at risk. Both your health and tranquility will be safe with the help of specialists!

How Our Work Is Done

The excellence of our cleaning results is due to our meticulous and efficient processes. We never hesitate to plan carefully before addressing any area of your home or business so we can use appropriate cleaning products and effective cleaning techniques to eliminate grime and dust without harming any surfaces. Our results never disappoint!

Our Operation Areas

We have no problem with bringing our professional maid services and related cleaning solutions to as many homes and businesses as may need them. Our team is prepared to serve commercial and residential customers throughout Los Angeles, CA and the Vernon, CA area.

If you are interested in booking our exceptional waxing, cleaning, or disinfecting services, you should not wait another second to contact Professional Maid Cleaning Services! We can put your property on our cleaning calendar as soon as we hear from you. Give us a call today!

Client Testimonials

Professional and Spotless Results!

I want to give a 5/5 star grade to this company's disinfecting services because my wife and I wanted to keep our kids safe from the germs flying around our home, and the cleaning team helped us disinfect every single surface in a couple of hours. Their results are outstanding!

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